Ekothrak SA is a newly formed company in the Thraki region that aims to make a significant contribution in a local Environment Protection.  

There was a serious problem with used cooking oil disposal to which our team proposed a process to resolve it.  Tons of oil were being disposed of into public sewage systems and into refuse collection bins. That was a very serious problem, so we decided to respond to it, creating a network for used vegetable oil collection covering over 200 establishments in catering sector in Thraki region. DETAILS

Furthermore, in the second phase, the company started used oil collection from households, so that residents aware of the oil problem could dispose of it in a proper manner through our services. DETAILS

Our plan in the immediate future is to build a new plant for biodiesel production very near Alexandroupolis. This plant will apply the most advanced technology for used oil treatment, waste reduction and in biodiesel production with emphasis on environmental friendly production with near zero waste output. The production method will be a benchmark for other biodiesel producers not only in Greece but also in other EU countries.  

Our team has access to the latest know-how and techniques used by other companies engaged in similar activities in other parts of Europe. We have established excellent relationships with some British and Spanish engineering concerns, who are partnered with us sharing expertise and experience with us in all aspects of production line and environmental security.

Traditionally waste treatmnent industries have also created unused outputs or residues. We have developed a series of processes that allow us to convert what would otherwise be highly difficult waste problems into something beneficial. With an innovative water processing system, we do more than treat we convert what is detrimental to the environment into a beneficial product..  

Apart from all that mentioned above, our company trades biodegradable cleaning formulas for the catering sector and environmentally friendly lubricant oils for industry and the transport sector.  We hope to reduce the total amount of harmful products used in various industries, replacing them by environmentally friendly products with the same useful characteristics.

Biodegradable cleaning formulas
Biological lubricant oils

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