Domestic used vegetable oil collection

After establishing the collection of used vegetable oil from a large number of establishments in catering industry in Thraki region, our team proceeded to the next phase of the initial plan.

From the very beginning we proposed the creation of an organised network of oil collection from the local households.

To every block of flats that wanted to cooperate with us, our team provided free of charge a plastic drum for used oil collection, depending on needs of 30 or 50 litres.

Residents can dispose of their used oil into these containers and our operator visits these blocks when needed to remove the full barrel and replace it with a clean empty one.

However, our objective was to provide a service of collection of oils to all the willing households in the area and the present way of collection does not cover all those needs, as a lot of people do not have access to our service for various reasons.  

Consequently, Ekothrak has developed synergy with a company with a unique design and collection model to initiate a pilot project through which we hope to install special automatic machines for UVO collection, here in Alexandropoulis.

Each household will have a special bottle for the storage of the used culinary oil and when this bottle is full the households will deposit this full bottle into the machine and will receive a clean empty bottle for the next cycle.

Once tested this model, we will be looking for synergies with other entities interested in transferring our collection model to other places here in Greece or abroad.

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