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Afisa Psifiaka Ergaleia


Ekothrak S A was formed in November 2009 in Alexandroupolis in Thraki  region of North Greece. The company is positioned as an environmental services provider as well as a promoter of various types of ‘green’ products and services.

The main sectors of company activity are the following:

  • Used cooking oil collection
  • Biodiesel production
  • Promotion of biodegradable cleaning formulas
  • Promotion of biodegradable lubricant oils and cutting oils

Our team members have different academic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds and this we believe, is our most valuable asset and our competitive advantage.

Our technical advisor Mr. Carr has a reach long time experience in our current activities. He has a wide range of knowledge in Physics and Engineering that is extremely valuable for us.  

For the management and representation of the company, the shareholders appointed Mr. Larionidis who is a graduate of a British University in “Business Administration” and is an extremely experienced organizer.

We strongly believe that through a competent utilization of a combination of experience, various skills and knowledge of our people, Ekothrak S. A. will achieve every targeted goal, benefiting all the stakeholders of the company as well as the local environment and the local economy.